"Write like it matters, and it will." Libba Bray - Gemma Doyle Trilogy

 Pen-A-Picture Day is a literary celebration held annually on October 7th.  The purpose of this beautiful day is to connect children with their creative side by presenting the idea that the best stories come from the most ordinary places. Have you ever asked a child to write a story? What do they usually say?


Sierra has asked this of many students and found that most reply with, "What do I write about?". So, she then asked children to bring their favorite picture to school, whatever they wanted, and write about it. Write about what happened that day and how it made them feel. The question "What do I write about?" became obsolete because it was from memory but Sierra wanted to take things a step further. Her mission is to get children back in touch with their imaginations.

"Prompt" was introduced to do just that. Using the stories the students have created, Sierra prompts them with a few questions encouraging them to expand on their stories.

"Prompt is my favorite part of school visits. There comes a time when most children develop the idea that there's nothing special about their life, that things are just ordinary. Sharing 'Prompt' with them gets students in touch with their imaginations again. That's part of what makes this a great exercise for middle grade and high school students as well." - Sierra Dougherty

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