• Sierra Dougherty

BookCon Where's Waldo Event Story

Dedicated to all of those kids out there eager to grow up, remember to take your time and enjoy just being a kid.

Mama Mazy


“Kernel,” Mama Mazy called “are you okay?”

“Yes, mama.” Kernel yelled

“Okay, it’s time for lunch.” said Mama Mazy

Dragging his feet Kernel walked downstairs. Thud. Scraaape, thud. Scraaape, thud. Scraaape.

“Why are you wearing your blue winter hat and orange scarf?” asked Mama Mazy “It’s 70 degrees and there’s a beautiful breeze outside.

”Just then, Kernel sat at the table and let out a cry.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m never going to pop.” Kernel whined “I’ve tried everything. I ate seven spicy serrano peppers and burnt my tongue.

Then, I ran to the beach and tanned in the sand, but that didn’t work either.

So, I came home. I thought if I got hot enough I would pop. I put on my orange scarf and blue winter hat and started doing jumping jacks.”

“Hmm.” said Mama Mazy, pursing her lips together. “I’m sorry you feel like you're never going to pop. What if we made some cookies, would that cheer you up?”

“Okay.” said Kernel

They mixed all of the ingredients together and placed the cookies on a cookie sheet.

“Okay Kernel, are they ready to eat?”

“No mama,” Kernel chuckled “we have to bake them first.”

“Oh, okay.” said Mama Mazy

They heat the oven and set a timer. Ten minutes later, BING! “Kernel, the cookies are ready.” Mama Mazy called

She put them on a cooling rack and set one, ooey gooey cookie aside for Kernel.

“Come sit Kernel, I want to ask you something. After we mixed the batter, were we able to eat the cookies?”

“No.” Kernel replied “Right, what did we have to do before we could eat the cookies?”

“We had to bake them.”

“Exactly, and you are just like these cookies.

Kernel looked at Mama Mazy confused. “Right now, you are the perfect mix of all the ingredients you need to pop, but first, you need to ‘bake’.”

Kernel grinned from ear to ear and leapt off the dining room chair. “Thanks mama, I love you.”

“Where are you going, don’t you want to finish your cookie?” Mama Mazy asked

“Nope,” Kernel replied “i’m going to go bake.”


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