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Have You Heard?

UPDATES! Those of you who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram as well as stalk my website (Thank you, btw.) know that there are a few exciting events coming up that I cannot wait to attend. First and foremost the New England SCBWI 2017 Encore. "Encore is a one-day event, featuring a faculty made up of some of the best speakers from the NE-SCBWI Spring Conferences." as the email put it. Reason for excitement? After attending the LA SCBWI Annual Summer Conference, I was really let down that I missed the Spring Conferences.

I came away feeling so refreshed and energized. There is just no way I can pass up the opportunity to attend Encore. Second chances are amazing. This years Encore Conference also happens to be located in one of my favorite cities, Providence, RI. Odd, I know, more for sentimental value than anything else. Who knows, maybe you'll catch me at my favorite local hangout, Tealuxe. Held on Saturday September 23, 2017.

Two: International Dot Day on Friday September 15, 2017. Peter H. Reynolds is among my favorites when reading/recommending children's picture books. His messages are inspiring and his artwork is simple and beautiful. He and his team have created International Dot Day to celebrate creativity and making your mark. I cannot help but support his cause as I feel so many children have gotten lost in Generation Z.

Three: Hide a Book Day on Monday September 18, 2017. Do you believe in book Fairies? I do. This year as part of their Ten-Year Anniversary Celebration, Goodreads is teaming up with the The Book Fairies for this special Hide a Book day. It's as simple as ordering the stickers provided, finding the perfect hiding spot, and posting a sneak peek shot of which book you're hiding. I'll be teaming up with another local author, K.R. Conway to hide several copies of her series: Undertow.

Yep, September is a good month.

Four: You've undoubtedly seen me post on social media sites gushing about my husband and how much of a support he has been throughout my career. To make sure I'm able to do it all, my husband built me a new office. Everything exactly how I wanted it to be, despite his best judgement. My desk adorned with my antique Royal typewriter and my bookcase covered with the multitudes of signed books I've collected for inspiration. Rustic industrial meets the 1940's-1950's meets modern-day Victorian. It can be done. It's amazing the kind of work you can get done when you're sitting nice and cozy in a space that's all your own.

Honestly, I don't think of it as an office/work space. Its more of my safe haven. A place where I can let my mind run free (away from my five children) and capture the spirit I want in my writing. When it's 100% completed I WILL be posting pictures. In the meantime, consider attending the SCBWI Encore event. I'd love to see you there and please, please, please participate in The Book Fairies 10th Anniversary Celebration as well as International Dot Day.

I want to know what your favorite books are and to see how creative I know your minds are! Links to all 3 of these events are below.





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