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It's 2019!

Wow, 2018 has flown by. My last post, I'm ashamed to admit, was in SEPTEMBER 2018! It's the new year though, and despite some setbacks and hurdles I'm ready to hit the ground running. This is after all the year my debut children's picture book BONJOUR! is being published. I can't wait to hold it in my hands, knowing I produced something that I can only hope a child will cherish as much as I do. I'm also super excited for the many other projects I have in the works including The Giving Book. This year I will be sponsoring my own Project Night Night bags. You can read more about this via my gofundme campaign at and follow my various updates via social media.

By donating to The Giving Book you will aid in BONJOUR! hitting the shelves faster and in turn aid homeless children. Your donation will give them each their own tote bag stuffed with a book (donated by yours truly), a stuffed toy, and a blanket. That is the main purpose of my campaign however, any funds donated that are above goal will be donated to a secondary but equally important cause, The Book Bus. This three fold campaign highlights all of the things I am passionate about and my mission is to spread the word and help others, help others.

Thanks for reading!

XO - C

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