• Sierra Dougherty

National Poetry Month

I said I would be adding poems to my website for the month of April to support National Poetry Month. I never said I was any good so bear with me. Some poems no doubt will be "deeper" than others but the purpose of this is to exercise my creative abilities and encourage those around me to take part as well. Part of being a writer is trying and failing. Learning through our "mistakes" (I don't believe any type of writing can be considered a mistake.) and constantly working on our craft. I'm a little behind in posting but trust me, you WILL get a poem for every day of the month so keep checking back! My first post is a poem I wrote for my husband on our anniversary.


A twinkling star looked down to see a starfish swimming through the sea.

At that same moment the starfish gazed up high looking at that one gold star gleaming in the sky.

As intricate as ancient lace these two stars echoed face to face.

Just as ours will forever be without being separated by land, sky, or sea.

Cover Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Telescope

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