• Sierra Dougherty

NPM Day 14 Half of Me

You gave me life.

Without you I simply would not be but you are only half of me

My other half left me to drown I never knew him because he wasn't around

Then someone new came into my life causing me no more pain, or fear, or strife

I call him 'Dad' because that's what he is.

He tucked me in and protected me

He even pretended to be the tooth fairy

He walked me down the aisle and was there to see my first child

Now his name is 'Grandpa', a title he proudly wears,

I may be all grown up but I know he doesn't care

And he will always be where you never were

because he is half of me.


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It’s your funeral today I’m wearing earrings grandma I know you can’t hear me but my make up is done, my nails are painted, and I’m wearing purple. I’m representing you the best way I know how.