• Sierra Dougherty

NPM Day 17 Identity Crisis Poetry Slam

What do you think of when you hear the name Rodriguez or Couture?

Baseball or perfume? Fashion or music?

You have a brain, so come on, use it.

What box are you trying to put them in?

Are they French or Mexican?

I am both and neither and freakin' Puerto Rican.

This is what happens when we get adopted or married.

Opinions change and looks vary.

You can't deny it, I've seen it.

Next I suppose is how I look but looking at me you wouldn't know I'm half Puerto Rican

As if i'm supposed to stand out like some sort of hispanic beacon.

I became Couture when I was eight. Finally having a dad of my own was great.

At 21 I was married to the love of my life and lucky enough to be called his wife.

I took his name one I proudly claim and just what IS his name?


That's right I'm Irish too, NOW what are you gonna to do?

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