• Sierra Dougherty

NPM Day 3 Ferris Wheel

I was digging through my old journals and came across this poem. Yes, I confess, I didn't write this one for NPM but I figured it's still poetry so it counts. Welcome to the Ferris Wheel.

The lights burning, the wheel turning,

you'd think after these years I'd be done learning.

The seat rocking, fate's knocking,

I start to hear the voices talking.

"You've run out of time, now you're mine." the Ferris Wheel squeaks and lets out a chime.

A sudden stop, I'm at the top.

Looking down, time to go round.

A shutter, a shake, my life is at stake.

So I keep spinning, my soul itself sinning.

As I'm left here sitting

on the Ferris Wheel.

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