• Sierra Dougherty

Where's Waldo?

Last year I didn’t get the chance to attend BookCon. I promised myself that if I did a good job and queried at least 10 new agents/publishers that I would go. Well, ladies and gentleman, I did it!

Now now, don’t judge. Querying is one of the most painful things to do as a writer besides kill your darlings. The research, planning, and determination it takes to draft each query is exhausting. Especially because 99% of the time you will receive a rejection letter (Until you don't). At the same time, for those of us that choose traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, it’s what we live and die for. Spitting words out on paper and carefully refining them, each phrase, sentence, or furiously editing dialog is only half the battle.

So, I’ve chosen to reward myself in the best way possible. I mean really, who wouldn't want to be surrounded by books all day? But, that’s just half the fun. I will be hosting a Where's Waldo event while at BookCon. If you are like me, and cannot resist attending, I want to invite you to print out the short story I will be posting on my blog and look for me on the first day. I’ll be dressed as modern day Wenda. If you find me, I will sign my story and take a picture with you to post on my web site.

Hope to see you there!

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