The average income in India is about $5 US dollars a day but many survive off of much less at only $2 dollars a day, especially in conflict zones.

And, the average cost of a book in India is a dollar or more, leaving hundreds of thousands of children without books. Can you imagine spending half of your income or more on one book?

Not only is this not cost-effective, it's impossible! This is where WALLOBOOKS comes in. Their mission is to bring books to children for the cost of one piece of paper. They teach the children how to build their own libraries and make more books of their own. Constantly adding to their collection. They have asked authors from around the world to contribute their time and talent creating 1-page storybooks for children in conflict zones.

Sierra Dougherty was asked to join WALLOBOOKS in their mission in September 2020 and without missing a beat said "yes!". Since then she has been working with WALLOBOOKS on the creation and development of her second book, GROW.


When asked why she joined WALLOBOOKS, Sierra replied,


"You can ask any author out there what their goals are and they will tell you it's to instill a love of books in the hearts of their readers and to just get their work out there. If they can do that, even for ONE reader, then they have accomplished everything they needed to as an author."


She poured this love and enthusiasm into GROW creating a book that fosters dreams through hard work and family connection. 

Right now, WALLOBOOKS is working on converting all of their contributing authors' work into digital format. Eventually, each story created by the Ambassadors of Hope will be available, free for download, on the WALLOBOOKS website. For more information & to find out how you can get involved visit